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​I'm passionate about design and collaborations aiming to impact

by meaningful, ethical, and holistic products & services. 

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Sustainable Growth

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I am Bar, a Product & User Experience Designer,

Startup Co-founder, Entrepreneur, Social

& Environmental impact enthusiast. 

🏔️ Love to climb & to move mountains. Also metaphorically.

My work strives to create sustainable solutions that generate value both to end-users and clients, using holistic, empathic human-centric approaches.

I am utilizing these core elements as foundations to shape a design strategy that considers functionality, usability, and aesthetic aspects.

I'm passionate about design and multidisciplinary collaborations aiming to impact by meaningful, ethical, and holistic products & services.

I enjoy teamwork, Problem-solving, Hiking, Summit climbing, Botanics, Agriculture, and innovation that brings good to this planet. Am constantly eager to expand my knowledge and skills.

I am experienced with end to end design processes:

  • User research, Market Survey, Ideation, and Design Sprints.

  • Definition & Architecture of Digital and Physical Solution.

  • UX & UI Design, e.g wireframing, prototyping & production stages.

  • Managed a HW & SW development environment of a physical (IoT) & digital products.


Led a startup from ideation to MVP stage. Integrated Design Thinking & Service Design methodologies along with Lean product development. Continuously synthesized insights-learned to shape the company’s Strategy, Roadmap & Business Model.

Fundraised 65$K and present on multiple stages. Built partnerships with C-level executives. 


Initiate collaborations, sourcing, and partnerships with various stakeholders in Boston, Montreal, India, West Bank & Israel.



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There's a lot to be done.

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